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Notice: Peer average ratios and aggregate FPRs are available approximately 6-8 weeks after the cycle date.

Financial Performance Reports are based on reliable sources. However, no guarantee is given as to data accuracy. Users are cautioned that any conclusions drawn from these reports are their own and not to be attributed to NCUA. The Call Report data that is used to produce FPRs is dynamic in nature. The FPR contents will change accordingly as data corrections are made. Peer average ratios for the current Call Report cycle are not available until the data collection is complete and validated. If you request FPRs prior to the release of peer average ratios, the current cycle data should be considered preliminary, non-validated data. NCUA will notify users when the peer ratios are available for the current cycle.

If you request an FPR this system will generate the report in the form of a macro-enabled Excel file, attach it to an email, and send it to you. If you do not have Excel software on your computer, you may download a free Excel viewer from the Microsoft web site.

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